Law Services

Lori Sanford provides Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services in Palm Desert, California. Lori is an active member of the legal community in the Coachella Valley in Southern California.  She has over 31 years’ experience as an attorney and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.   Ms. Sanford provides both arbitration and mediation services.  She is on the American Arbitration Association Commercial, Consumer and Employment panels and mediation panel.  Lori serves on mediation panels for the Riverside County Superior Court, Resolute Systems, LLC, California Association of Realtors and the Riverside County Bar Associations which provides court mediators for the day of trial.

Ms. Sanford is the President of the Desert Bar Association and Mediation Chair.  Lori volunteers as the administrator of the Court's First Friday Settlement Conference Program in the Palm Springs Courthouse and has been active in the program since 2009.  Ms. Sanford was the DBA Fee Arbitration Chair for three years. 

As a former trial attorney in Los Angeles and New York, and as a settlement facilitator both in Court and privately, Ms. Sanford has handled almost every type of civil case, including personal injury, business litigation, construction, breach of contract, HOA disputes, employment law, legal and medical malpractice and real estate.

Ms. Sanford is a ‘Top Lawyer’ in the Mediation and Arbitration category for Palm Springs Life Magazine for the past six years. Lori brings decades of experience as a former trial attorney and ADR provider to every case she works on with the goal of helping parties resolve their disputes.